Hi everybody, thanks for checking in! We’ve been in overdrive since the testnet launched two weeks ago, fielding your reactions in order to accommodate the deluge of observational remarks we’ve received. Because of your suggestions, we are working on solutions to the most common problems our community appears to be experiencing. One critical step we have taken in the past week to facilitate user comprehension is the development of guides for actionable items on the testnet, written so that anyone can understand each order of operations. Without further ado, here are our highlights for the week:


Platform development in response to Testnet replies and our audit continue to dominate a majority of our resources and attention this week. Thank you all for your support and patience as we implement improvements as quickly as possible. If you still haven’t minted our OG NFT, get on it! You can easily do so here at Syndicate DAO. Plus it costs nothing other than the gas fees at the time you mint on the Ethereum network. From there, the testnet is your oyster! To discover more about our platform and for a breakdown of how our incentive program works check out our launch announcement and intro article here: https://steer.finance/steer-testnet-launch/.

Additionally, our team is in the process of developing guides to help address issues surrounding static jobs which have been submitted by our testnet users. Check for an announcement concerning their publication on our social media profiles sometime in the coming days.

Here are the additional development achievements for the week:

  • Gas efficiency improved in the ‘Add Permissions’ and ‘Revoke Permissions’ functions in the Whitelist registry.
  • Minor code quality improvements
  • Improve error messages in the Base manager’s require statements.
  • Refactored the code of the ‘Staking Rewards’ contract to improve gas efficiency.
  • Node de-bugging in response to Testnet user replies.
  • Prep and cleaning of Grafana for clear visualization of logs.
  • Standardization of storage slot spacing for future upgrades.
  • Networking at ETHIndia!


In company news, we had two of our developers, including our COO, hit the ETHIndia hackathon this past weekend in Bengaluru! In their words, they very much enjoyed connecting with old colleagues and new peers alike spreading the vision of Steer! With the growth of the protocol, we intend to attend more events like this so we can network more IRL and link on a more personal level. Although very much still in the planning stage, we are currently exploring the possibility of hosting our own hackathons in the coming months. Stay active on our social updates in the new year for more info concerning this subject.

We’ve got another hot ‘OG Meet Up’ on Wednesday 12/7, returning to our regularly scheduled time of 12 pm-1 pm on our Discord server. Can you guess what the main topic of this meet-up will be?? I can give you a hint: it starts with ‘test’ and ends with ‘net!’ Come on down and deepen your understanding of how the protocol operates, hear feedback from other testnet users, and discover how best you can earn ‘XP’ to climb to the top of Leaderboard! It’s not a matter of if we can help you, its how Steer can help you scale your infrastructure, utilize our keeper system, or simply invest liquidity to put your assets to work for you.

There’s another community event we’ve got planned for next Tues. 12/13 with our latest strategic partner, Perpetual Protocol! We’re amped to lend our automation services to help with liquidity management in exchange for the capability to build services for dApp development on top of their platform. Come discover more about both teams, how we connected, and why the alliance makes natural sense. It’ll be going down a little later than usual on Perp’s Twitter space at 11 pm EST so be sure you plan your rest schedule accordingly so you don’t sleep on this one.

Community Growth:

  • Discord: 1.76k OG members, 4.14 k Regular members.
  • Guild: 2.1k OG members, 1.2k Regular members.
  • Twitter: 17.6k followers.

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