Our people

Spread over many timezones, our team truly brings the diversity needed to build something meaningful and impactful.

Derek Barrera


Seasoned blockchain engineer with a wealth of experience in the industry. Previously Core Dev at Volmex, CTO at Proof, Principal Blockchain Engineer at Voyager, Principle/Founding Engineer at Ethos. CS, Marketing, and Business Graduate.

Deepak Gupta

Chief Operating Officer

Former Core Engineer at Proof, Engineer at Voyager, Blockchain Engineer at Ethos, Head of Operations at OstLabz, Founded/Sold AI-based Marketing Platform.
CS & Business Graduate.

Brandon Hunt

Core Engineer

Blockchain developer in the web3 for 2+ years. Hacking at Steer Protocol for over a year. Receiving an Information Systems degree from Brigham Young University.

Rakesh Bhatt

Core Engineer

Technology enthusiast for 9 years, expertise in building scalable products. Love to explore new avenues and have a special love for blockchain.

Vishesh Sharma


Entrepreneur and ex-Founder at Legex (acquired). Podcasting at Specials with Vishesh. Early stage startup enthusiast. IT & Business Graduate.

We want to hear from you.

We believe in honesty, integrity and resilience in the team. What we’re building requires depth, introspection and collaboration with very diverse people. We’re hiring talented people all the time. We hope you’re next. Contact us.

Yay! It’s a baby.

Like all festivities, your joy is ours and so, you’ll have lots of parental leaves to keep covered!

You own what you build

Web3 is all about democratisation and so, at Steer, everyone is a stakeholder, owning the pie.

Work from home

Work from the comfort of blanket, at coffee shop, mountains or beaches, the choice is yours.

Let’s grow, together.

We all can grow when ‘we all’ grow. At Steer, we’re all learning daily, a thing or two, together.