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How It Works


Increase Capital Efficiency Through Automated Liquidity Management on Uniswap V3!


Steer Protocol provides pools for Uniswap v3 that, when allocated, recalculate daily to intelligently outperform traditional liquidity management. Steer Protocol reduces the hassle for liquidity providers aiming to increase capital efficiency through complex algorithms. Liquidity providers can enter and exit pools within the protocol or create their own strategy.

Multi-Chain Support

Finding the right strategy for your assets can be hard. Managing them on-chain can be even harder. Automating them cross-chain can be seemingly impossible. Let the Steer Protocol network do all of the heavy lifting.

  • Automate farming across multiple chains
  • Manage liquidity provisioning between rebalances
  • Automate bridging facilities/interactions between chains

Targeted support: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Optimism, Polygon (Matic), and BSC

Create A Strategy


Don’t see a strategy that fits your needs? Create one! Steer Protocol allows for strategies to be created in any programming language!

Any language that can be compiled into WASM can be used! This includes the following:

Python, Typescript (AssemblyScript) Go, RustJava, C and C++,  and many more.

All strategies are executed in an isolated sandboxed environment. Additionally, strategies do not have access to the internet. All external data is managed through a sub-process within the node and provided to the strategy prior to execution. All strategies also have an imposed minimum threshold for votes. Meaning, if there are bad actors within the network, built-in anomaly detection will discard their data. Lastly, all nodes must hold a set amount of Steer token to ensure that the system isn’t prone to sybil attacks.

All strategies have an associated fee that goes to the creator. This incentivizes the creation of strategies and bolsters competition within the strategy marketplace.

Full fee structure is still being finalized and will be released once complete. This applies to both node operators and strategy creators.

Run A Strategy


Don’t know how to code? That’s okay! You can earn Steer token by running strategies on mobile, web, or desktop. Become a miner and get a reward for helping secure the network.

Pick your flavor – nodes can be run on desktop, mobile, and desktop.

The initial release will enable strategy creation via a desktop node. Shortly after, a web based miner will be released. Mobile will come during Q2 2022 although the web miner can be run on a mobile device.

All strategies are executed in an isolated sandboxed environment. Additionally, strategies do not have access to the internet. All external data is managed through a sub-process within the node and provided to the strategy prior to execution.

The only custom module that is pulled from an external source is the module to calculate the strategy itself. This module can only be executed within the secure sandbox.

Steer token is provided to node operators that execute a given strategy. The reward will be split amongst the first fifty nodes that report a value for the strategy.


Strategy A is run, and receives 75 votes. 15 votes are not within consensus and so they are discarded to a remaining vote count of 60. The first 50 will receive equal amounts for that strategy’s current execution round reward.

Fun fact: During the execution of each round, equal amounts of Steer tokens are burned to prevent inflation.

Join A Strategy


Joining a strategy is easy! All strategies can be joined through our marketplace (coming soon). Find the right strategy for you.

Here are a few examples of what strategies can do:

  • Automate liquidity management for optimal capital efficiency when supplying liquidity to pools
  • Deploy assets for yield farming activities with auto-reinvestment of capital
  • Mimic the balance of an external account

These are just a few examples. Please view other use cases under the use case section of our homepage.

The Steer Protocol is open for everyone. This means anyone can create a strategy. Follow best practices to minimize risk when joining a strategy:

  • Confirm that the strategy was created by a verified source
  • Join strategies that have been running for a period of time
  • Check the TLV (Total Value Locked)

Note: You can always join one of the official Steer Protocol strategies. 

Participation in a strategy is always voluntary. You can withdraw from a strategy at anytime.

Note: This can be done within the marketplace management screen.

Endless Possibilities


There are various use-cases for a network that can automate on-chain activity. Below are a few of the examples of what we are currently working on.

Automated Liquidity Management

Automate your trading, farming, and overall liquidity provisioning across multiple chains or join a strategy on our marketplace.

Social Trading

Create or join a social strategy. Mimic the assets and their weighting of other accounts on the same network for similar yield.

Automated Governance

Most off-chain governance tools are not fully decentralized. Move your governance to the Steer network and fully decentralize your governance security model.


Need to run an oracle for an off-chain data stream? Use our oracle strategy to automate the updates over time.

Synthetic Assets

Automate liquidity at the current rate of your off-chain asset. Tied with liquidity pooling within your community, you can concentrate funds into a specific price range.

Scheduled Execution

Want to execute a transaction or swap within a given timeframe?

Schedule it.

We are always looking for partnerships and integrations with our protocols and other services across the industry. Reach out today to see how we can work together!