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The Steer App Store provides developers a platform to create, publish, and monetize DeFi apps. Whether building onto native apps or creating your own. Steer gives you the power to do anything from automating protocols to building yield generating apps. We put you behind the wheel, how will you Steer it?

Powered by Steer

With a powerful capable infrastructure of Steer, start building and explore endless possibilities.


Need to run an oracle for an off-chain data stream? Use our oracle strategy to automate the updates over time.

Social Trading

Create or join a social strategy. Mimic the assets and their weighting of other accounts on the same network for similar yield.

Dollar Cost Averaging

It’s hard to time the market perfectly, instead, use dollar cost averaging by automating purchases of any given asset on a cadence which is comfortable for you.

Market Making

Automate liquidity at the current rate of your off-chain asset. Tied with liquidity pooling within your community, you can concentrate funds into a specific price range.

Scheduled Execution

Want to execute a transaction or swap within a given timeframe? Schedule it.

Build apps on web3 like never before

Off-chain, data-driven execution

Steer is build to handle real-time, complex data-driven executions. You can use pre-built, tested data-connectors or write your own to connect your app with off-chain apps like Excel.

Dynamic Jobs

We’re empowering developers. Steer’s flexible yet powerful platform let you build in 20+ languages, monetise with a powerful App store and scale without managing your own infrastructure.

Multi-Chain Support

Our multiple chain support enables you to execute on any blockchain, automate bridging between chains, manage liquidity between rebalances and more.

Steer Network

Steer Network is the execution layer of web3 infra, letting you expand the capabilities of your smart contracts with enabled data access and guaranteed reliability.

Join Steer and explore the future of web3.

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