Moments decide history, empower the present and define the future.

Building for such moments is a lifetime opportunity and our developers have spent over a year developing a beautiful product we can’t wait to share with the world. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our testnet, giving our community members a preview of our technology and helping us with this phase.

We are anxious to see how all of you will use Steer’s unique capabilities to create, publish, and monetize DeFi apps with a dApp Store and Data marketplace.

As you might know by now, an app is a set of instructions consisting of off-chain logic paired with on-chain vaults or contracts. Steer’s network and data collectors interact with the dApp store to provide the applications it houses with unprecedented connectivity to off-chain data, fueling their underlying smart contracts. This extraordinary infrastructure sets Steer apart from anyone by providing the capability for endless use cases. To explore these use cases and test our product, we need your help! It is for this purpose we introduce our testnet v1 for public release.

Progressing toward the later stages of development, we’ve decided to give our people an opportunity to look under the hood. We do this for two reasons.

First, we want to be open with you about our product! Come in, get familiar, and get to know the ins and outs of how the dApp Store operates. Take a look for yourself and by the time our mainnet launch happens, you’ll have saved yourself valuable time by investing or developing yourself.

Second, we care about you. Your participation helps us scale the platform to a larger network with exponentially more, and more varied, data inputs. We need to listen to more voices than we speak internally and detailed insight into our platform requires more perspectives than what our team can provide. With your interactions on testnet, you’ll help us gather a larger pool of insights, which, in turn, we will feed back into our development to build the most comprehensive application possible.

Testnet calls for participation and we appreciate you sharing this moment of building. To celebrate you, we’ve created an incentive program.

As a way to reward our community for joining the inaugural test of our program we’ve developed what you could consider a ‘rewards initiative.’ Here’s a peek into the testnet program for you:

At first, you’ll be required to mint an ‘OG’ token which allows access to Steer and your swag as our OG. Upon successfully doing so, you will be prompted to connect a wallet of your choice. Once connected and sufficient funds have been deposited (in order to cover gas fees associated with running an app) you will be prompted with your first test: building one! Don’t fret, there will be app templates for you to reference and build upon so you quickly acclimate to developing with Steer. Find a detailed guide to building apps here: Once completed, you will be able to fully delve into the testnet.

The reward model for participation is as follows:

  • For each static job developed, you will be rewarded with 1 ‘point,’
  • For each successful app, 100 points
  • 50 points for constructive feedback
  • 250 points awarded to bugs reported contributing to system vulnerability

To make this exciting and to fuel our commitment to openness, all participating members will have a ‘Testnet Leaderboard’ showing the points accrued. At the end of the testnet run period, the ‘Top 10’ point earners will be given ‘mystery boxes.’

Ambiguous?? We know! You never know what you will get, but you won’t be disappointed for being our true heroes.

With all said, we feel excited to announce our testnet today. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! Come register at our website to experience our testnet and the future of web3.

💡 Join us from 12 pm – 1 pm for our next ‘OG Meet-Up’ Wednesday to discuss the testnet and please submit any questions you may have to the ‘OG Lounge’ channel to allow us time to craft the most thorough responses possible.

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