It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here at Steer Protocol, we’ve been working hard to spread cheer and bring the holiday spirit among all the good boys and girls in web3. We’ve made significant progress on our mission to provide a comprehensive and versatile platform for decentralized application development and asset management, and we’re excited to share the latest news and updates with you. From partnerships and grants to infrastructure improvements, we’ve been busy as elves making sure everything is running smoothly as we cruise toward the New Year. In this community update, we’ll be sharing all the festive details and giving you a sneak peek at what we have planned for the future. Here’s what’s been happening with us!:


As of last week, our Testnet was doing numbers with 250 testers involved, 280 vaults created, 276 scheduled jobs, and 5 different market-making strategies live on the test net. That’s HUGE and thanks in no small part to our community especially our OGs! The test period is still live which means you currently have the ability to join to literally test-drive our product and provide feedback. If you haven’t already joined in, now is the time to do so! You can do so by minting our Testnet NFT, available by simply visiting Syndicate DAO to get started. Did we mention it’s free?! As we continue to prioritize platform development and respond to Testnet users’ feedback we thank you for your support and patience, we will be posting guides to help with onboarding to our documentation very shortly.

For a detailed breakdown of our testnet incentive program, check out our launch announcement and introduction article at

Here are the additional development achievements for the week:

  • Optimized position calculations for the multi-position Uniswap manager.
    • Ran a new deployment on Goerli and set up the test environment, testnet access coming soon to OG members!.
  • Gas deposits for vaults can now occur in the same transaction.
  • Add image and description support for both Steer Apps and Data Connectors, new UI coming soon!
  • Finalization of Steer Node database optimizations
  • Continued work on integration: mainly on an automated liquidity manager integration to the Steer Protocol SDK.
  • Website updates
  • Steer Protocol user guides are now live on


Last Thursday our co-founder Derek sat down with Jonny Rhea to discuss his recent addition to the team of Steer tech advisors for a spirited conversation. Topics included his varied background in mechanical engineering and aeronautical design, early intrigue in the blockchain’s potential around 2012, trading, and eventually going all in by founding A fun idea that came out of the discourse is the possibility of conducting a joint Hackathon between Steer and Element.Fi at the next ETHDenver symposium which aligns with our goal of creating more community-based events.

Let’s ring in the holiday season and the new year with some creativity and problem-solving! The development of our inaugural ‘Steer Hackathon’ is in full swing, this week we entered into a discussion with several universities renowned for CompSci in India about the potential of utilizing their resources to find some of the brightest new minds in blockchain development to compete. The rules for the competition are still under development but can generally say it will center around challenging participants to develop an application that meets specific criteria. Be sure to check back in after the holidays to learn how you can participate and become eligible for perks if you win!

As the year draws to a close, so does our calendar of community events. Our last ‘OG Meet Up’ of the year will be tomorrow Wednesday 12/21 at our regularly scheduled time of 12 pm-1 pm EST on the ‘OG Meet Up’ channel of our Discord server. OG Meet-Ups are the best way for you to connect with other members of the Steer community who share similar interests and pick the brains of the people creating our tools. You never know who you’ll meet: a developer with a great strategy on the dApp marketplace interested in sharing it, one of our many talented web3 colleagues, or a potential new business partner. We’re proud we’ve created a product that brings together the dedicated community and we’re inspired by the interest generated to create and give one of the best protocols currently available for decentralized financial yield. Join the event and get involved here: Topics this week will likely include the status of our testnet user data, market conditions, our recent partnerships, product development, and the plans for our Hackathon.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the season and look forward to an even brighter financial future with Steer Protocol. We are wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday!

Community Statistics:

  • Discord: 1.77k OG members, 4.15k Regular members.
  • Guild: 2.114k OG members, 1.221k Regular members.
  • Twitter: 13.8k followers.

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