Happy Holidays Steer Fam! Can you believe it’s already the end of the year?!? Where did the time go? Our testnet has been live for three weeks and it feels as though it launched just yesterday, and yet so much has occurred even since then!

Both our development and product teams have a multitude of irons in the fire, working persistently to implement solutions that improve our platform and user experience. On the product side, we’ve written guides for testnet interaction, planned out future community events (did somebody say Hackathon?!), and continued work on the website, adding new features and improving the overall design. Our devs have also been working on complex issues like optimizing the platform UI for improved testnet use and integrating our platform with that of our partners. It might be hard work but progress never came easy! Here’s the report for the week:


As we continue to prioritize platform development and respond to Testnet users’ feedback we thank you for your support and patience. If you haven’t already joined in, now is the time to do so! You can do so by minting our Testnet NFT, available by simply visiting Syndicate DAO to get started. It’s free, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore our platform during the test period and become acquainted with its capabilities before the mainnet launch in Q1 of 2023.

For a detailed breakdown of our testnet incentive program, check out our launch announcement and introduction article at https://steer.finance/steer-testnet-launch/.

Here are the additional development achievements for the week:

  • Simply vault and strategy creation.
    • Users can now deposit gas for their jobs while publishing.
  • Audit changes require for the Uniswap Liquidity App Engine & Orchestrator
  • Analysis of IPFS network finding from Testnet release.
  • Shared database updates, fixes slow pinning of strategies.
  • Testnet UI design enhancements.
  • Concluding contract audit review issue resolution.
  • Begin platform integration with Perpetual Finance with Steer SDK.


Monday night our co-founder Derek sat down with Perpetual Protocol to discuss our recent partnership, through which we lend our automation services to help Perp with liquidity management in exchange for dApp development on top of their platform. Derek and Lawrence from Perp, aka @RAYBEAZY, chopped it up on a Twitter Space about what each company seeks to bring users and where we align on things like decentralized asset control and how the FTX saga affects the public’s perception of DeFi markets. If you missed out, it happened at a much later time than usual so we won’t hold it against you…..but don’t make a habit of it, pal! Lucky for you it was recorded so check it out and listen to the whole thing by following the link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OyKAVkpROzGb?s=20

As mentioned in last week’s update we are in the development stages of planning our inaugural ‘Steer Hackathon!’ Rather than an event in a physical space IRL, this competition will occur remotely and (as is the nature of hackathons) will center around challenging participants to develop an application that meets specific criteria. We anticipate conducting the contest sometime shortly after the New Year, though we’re currently still determining specific details and will continue to update you as decisions are reached. We’re passionate about our community and want to host more events like this in the coming months to get to know our users and build more relationships with developers out there to meet your needs and strengthen our crew.

The next community event is an AMA with tech advisor Jonny Rhea this Thurs 12/15 at 12 pm EST! Jonny is a founder of Element Finance with a background that is both exceedingly impressive and eclectic. It’ll be well worth your time to tune in to one of the brightest minds in DeFi and speak on his experience and what it is about this space that draws his interest enough to do work in it professionally. It’ll be hosted on Twitter Spaces at the date and time above accessible here https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpmlljNVxE.

The last ‘OG Meet Up’ of the year will be next Wednesday 12/21 at the regularly scheduled time of 12 pm-1 pm EST on the ‘OG Meet Up’ channel of our Discord server, which you can join here: https://discord.gg/Rcr6Y6jX. This is likely to be one of the final community events in which you’ll be able to go live with the founders and teams from Steer to discuss your testnet experience and inquire about our platform and community. We understand our product requires certain knowledge and context to utilize because of its innovative nature and are forever committed to helping our community comprehend it at all levels. The more queries you provide, the better solutions we can develop, so come help us improve and discover how you can benefit from Steer Protocol. After all, we’re in this to put the tools in your hands to determine your DeFi future so why not take advantage to learn how? We’ll also be discussing the details surrounding our upcoming Hackathon including info on how to register, the potential prompt, and what possible incentives could exist in addition to opening up to the floor to any questions from the community.

Community Growth:

  • Discord: 1.78k OG members, 4.12k Regular members.
  • Guild: 2.1k OG members, 1.22k Regular members.
  • Twitter: 16.6k followers.

Testnet Data:

  • Total Users: 200+
  • Total Strategies: 12

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