Wowowowow what a week, Steer Fam! Our diligently developed, long-awaited testnet finally launched and we couldn’t be happier with the community engagement thus far! It’s a momentous step for Steer as a company to finally share the product we feel passionately about for public consumption, scrutiny, and testing. Although far from perfect, your interaction with and feedback on the platform will help us critically address things our hyper-focused perspectives may have missed. Truly, you guys rock, we are very grateful for all our user’s input either as a DeFi master or learning the ropes. The testnet is accessible after registering by following the steps prompted by following this link: https://testnet.steer.finance. Without further ado, here are our highlights for the week:


No news shines more luminously than the launch of the testnet v1 for our dApp Marketplace! To gain entry to the testnet, you will be required to mint our OG NFT at Syndicate DAO. To do so, you will need to have a supported wallet (either Metamask or WalletSupport) connected and on the Ethereum mainnet with enough ETH to mint. Otherwise, the NFT costs nothing to acquire! From there you can utilize our intuitive UI to explore prototypes of yield-generating apps, recurring jobs, data connectors, and staking opportunities. Plus we have an incentive program to spur interaction and reward our user’s initiative. For a run down of how the incentives program is structured to learn and discover more about our testnet check out our launch announcement and intro article here: https://steer.finance/steer-testnet-launch/.

Additionally, our team is in the process of developing guides to help address the top issues by volume so far submitted by our testnet users. Check for an announcement concerning their publication on our social media profiles sometime next week

We’ve also been spending time examining the initial feedback from the external audit we commissioned Omniscia to do on our behalf. By pairing both the inside perspectives of industry professionals like those at Omniscia with those of our devoted user base, we are certain we will be able to fine-tune our platform into becoming a world-class protocol.

Here are the additional development achievements for the week:

  • Final additions/edits to the content and structure of the company website.
  • Development of Testnet user guides.
  • Build out of event-based job scheduling on Steer Node.
  • Updates to bundles, repositories, and deployment of Nodes in preparation for testnet launch.
  • Resolution of issues and bugs addressed by initial audit.


We’re planning to hold our next ‘OG Meet Up’ on Wednesday 12/214, returning to our regularly scheduled time of 12 pm-1 pm on our Discord server. This serves as a perfect opportunity to directly ask our squad about the functionality of the Testnet and share your views on how your experience thus far has been. Don’t be shy, bring yourself, and expand your operational knowledge of the protocol so you can earn ‘XP’ and race your way to the top of the Leaderboard! You know you want what rewards are in store for those in the top ranks at the end of the testing period….

Due to last-minute, unforeseen circumstances our AMA scheduled for Monday from 12pm-1pm EST with one of our recently appointed tech advisors, Joseph Delong, was postponed. We are planning to tentatively reschedule. Joseph was formerly CTO at Sushiswap and is currently at Astaria, an NFT lending platform he co-founded with fellow advisor Justin Bram.

Last but not least we have some team members attending ETHIndia this week in Bengaluru! We are very excited about the opportunities to interact with the other innovators and learn from some of the brightest minds in web3. Keep your eyes peeled for our COO Deepak and Dev Wizard Rakesh handing out Steer swag and looking to network! It could very well be the best connection you make to help your vision come to life.

Community Growth:

  • Discord: 1.14k OG members, 1.74k regular members.
  • Guild: 2k OG members, 1.2k regular members.
  • Twitter: 17.7k followers.

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