Phew! Does it seem like things are moving at lightspeed to you these days, Steer Fam, or is it just us? Whether it’s the shorter daylight for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere or just a sign of the times within DeFi and web3, the days seem to fly by now. We’ve been busy busy busy working diligently to release a product for you for quite some time, so it was nothing short of an eventful week on our side. Here are the highlights:


At long last, we’ve set a launch date for the testnet v1 for our dApp Marketplace! The testnet will go live this Wed 11/23/22 and we’re kicking things off with another ‘OG Meet-Up’ on our Discord Server in the OG Member Channel at 11am-12pm EST. This community session will feature an introductory explanation of the testnet platform, how to sign up from our COO, and a rundown of the incentives program we are providing our users for all of their gracious time and feedback for participating. We are keeping things competitive with a ‘leader-board’ to display the top participants and secret rewards for those with the most ‘points’ at the end of the testing period. Click this link to explore the article and discover more about our testnet: https://steer.finance/steer-testnet-launch/.

Our Dev Team convened this week to pore over the initial feedback from our external audit by Omniscia. We are pleased by the quality of their work, attention to detail and issues brought to our attention with a fresh perspective. Steer is grateful for their input and is already integrating their suggestions into solutions to keep our protocol exceedingly stalwart.

Here are the development achievements for the week:

  • Development of beta DCA (Dollar Cost Average) app.
  • Removal of burn functionality from strategy registry, follow-up tests run to ensure successful implementation.
  • Execution of final stages of testnet prep for launch, supplementary promotional content developed.
  • Content and design overhaul of the company website, https://steer.finance.
  • Oracle Vault monetization research was undertaken for potential implementation.
  • Governance security improvements.
  • Finalized network implementation of node infrastructure on public and private networks.


UPDATE: We have decided the date and time for our next ‘OG Meet Up’ will be next Wednesday 11/23 from 11am-12pm on our Discord server. Though it is not required, we highly encourage you to submit questions surrounding the testnet, our company’s vision, our team, or the possibilities of our protocol before the event in our ‘OG Lounge’ channel on our discord server. We will most certainly have our mods and team in attendance! For those new to following Steer, come introduce yourself and how you are involved or interested in DeFi and Steer’s innovative use cases. Needless to say, we are eager for your feedback!

Next Monday we will be holding an AMA from our familiar meeting time from 12pm-1pm EST with one of our recently appointed tech advisors, Joseph Delong. Joseph was formerly CTO at Sushiswap and is currently at Astaria, an NFT lending platform he co-founded with fellow advisor Justin Bram. An incredible developer and under-the-radar power player in DeFi, you would be plain stupid to miss an opportunity to soak up some wisdom from Joseph.

We’re also holding a joint AMA with a new strategic partner, Perpetual Protocol. This partnership seeks to bolster the usage of Automated Liquidity Management Apps on Steer as well as help Perp Protocol improve liquidity management for Perp V2. Bring yourself and find out how we connected, what we found we aligned on, and why this partnership makes sense.

Many thanks for popping by! Don’t be a turkey and sign-up for the testnet before Wednesday (https://steer.finance/alpha-program-testnet-access/) and don’t miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up tomorrow 11/23! You’ll still be able to join via the dApp once the test period has begun, but why wait???

Community Growth:

  • Discord: 1.26k OG members, 3.70k Regular members.
  • Guild: 1.4k OG members, 777 regular members.
  • Twitter: 17.2k followers.

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