What a week! We have recently hit some significant milestones. Lets recap!


This week was a huge leap forward on the product side. We added performance optimization as well as additional security upgrades on both the contracts and node infrastructure. The contracts are being prepped for audit which should be started within the next month.

The Steer Protocol team has been hard at work testing the off-chain nodes for the path few months and we are happy to announce that we will be concluding load-testing in the coming week(s) leading to the testnet launch.

From the go, the Steer protocol will be live on Ethereum and Polygon as we finished adding full support throughout the entire stack. The Steer Protocol app is also nearing feature complete! We now support all major functionality available through the Steer Protocol contracts and are applying the final touches.

One last thing on the product, We did build new strategies and vaults which were rigorously tested on all market conditions as we prepare for testnet launch.


Steer Protocol also has recently launched their OG token which quickly hit the mint limit within just a few hours! We’re proud to announce our community has doubled in following since its announcement. If you have joined out whitelist, there is still time! Visit https://guild.xyz/steer-community to find out how. We look forward to seeing in the #og-lounge on our discord (https://discord.gg/qewR36JcSs)!

  • Growth
    • 2x (+741) growth in our Twitter community!
  • 2x growth in our Discord community!


We are eager to continue providing updates as we march toward an impending launch! Check back weekly to see our progress! Don’t miss out: https://twitter.com/steerprotocol

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