What’s the word Steer Fam?? It was a pretty wild week in Crypto, but development at Steer remained right on track! Here’s what happened with our progress for the first week of November:


We are finessing the final steps of testnet development and will be announcing a launch date in the next few days. Sign-up is still available and we highly encourage you to participate by signing up to familiarize yourself with the protocol and aid us by providing feedback on your user experience. You will be rewarded for your participation(!), we will expound on these incentives in more detail when we announce the testnet launch date. Sign up and join on steer.finance via this link: https://steer.finance/home/alpha-program-testnet-access/

Here are the development achievements for the week:

  • Oracle development: completion of contract and deployment script for single data type oracles.
  • Exploration of 4626 and vault interoperability.
  • Development of deployment pipeline for Steer Nodes.
  • Subgraph update on Goerli testnet.
  • Completion of liquidity position graph within our Dapp.
  • Creation of new data connectors to provide platform users integration with other protocols to facilitate compatibility.
    • Synthetix, SushiSwap, Uniswap (with volume data), and Aave


We’re hosting our first Meet-Up of November in the coming weeks and will be announcing the date and time in the ‘OG Meet-Up’ channel on Steer’s Discord server. We haven’t had one since adding new team members and advisors, so there will be new connections to make and lots to catch up on! “OG Meet-Ups” generally occur every two weeks on Wednesdays between 12pm-1pm EST, although this is subject to weekly variables and occasional changes. Got something on your mind? You’re encouraged to submit inquiries in advance about Steer Finance, Web3, or DeFi at large in our ‘OG Lounge’ channel on Discord.

The company’s growth continues! We have another distinguished individual joining our advisory board in both a strategic and technical capacity, Jonny Rhea. Jonny is the currently the CTO & co-founder of Element Finance and has a vetted track record as an expert developer. We are exuberant to have his advice and support behind us.

After implementing a marketing strategy across our social media accounts this week we experienced exponential community growth! As of writing this, @SteerProtocol had 20.4k followers on Twitter. You may have also noticed we have done server maintenance on Discord by slimming down channels and allowing you to choose your preferred language groups rather than being exposed to all. We hope this increased the positive experience our community is seeing. We’ve also added some exceptionally active members of our server as moderators; you will see them engaging with the community in channels and meetups and ensuring there’s no funny business afoot. We are planning to grant more roles and incentives to the most active community members so don’t just watch what’s happening…go out and get involved!

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to sign up for the test net before it launch date is announced and don’t miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up which will be announced shortly!

Community Growth

  • Discord: 1.23k OG members, 3.67 Regular members.
  • Guild: 1.3k OG members, 737 regular members.
  • Twitter: 20.4k followers.

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