Another week, another update! Things have been clipping along at the company with the advent of our testnet v1 launch and preliminary results of our external audit! Without further delay, the recap:


As we have touched on over the past few updates, we are readying our testnet v1 and will be announcing a release date this week. It has been a long time in the making and, like with all our work, we are proud of our developers’ creations and want to respect the time and effort they have dedicated to building a high-quality tool. As previously mentioned in the last update, we will also be posting incentives for user-participation in helpful tasks, like finding bugs, upon the release of the testnet v1. Sign-up is still available at steer.finance via this link: https://steer.finance/home/alpha-program-testnet-access/. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of our protocol at the ground level.

This week is also exciting for us because in a few days we will receive preliminary feedback of our external audit! Conducted by the venerable Omniscia, this review has been underway for nearly a month and we are very eager to hear their thoughts on what we have created.

Here are the development achievements for the week:

  • Polishing development platform for update release.
  • Design overhaul for protocol website.
  • Data connector build-outs.
  • Node testing on scalable infrastructure (Focus: P2P communication optimizations).
  • Architecture and contract development for ‘data stream’ type oracles.
  • New deployment of the protocol on Goerli and Mumbai.


We have decided the date and time for our next ‘OG Meet Up’ will be next Wednesday 11/23 at 12pm-1pm on our Discord server. Though it is not required, we highly encourage you to submit questions surrounding Steer or web3 in advance on our ‘OG Lounge’ Discord channel. Attending and being active in these meet-ups shows the Steer team who the most engaged members of our community are. The more involved you are, the higher the standing in our community and more likely you are to receive perks! For those new to following Steer, come introduce yourself and how you are involved or interested in DeFi and Steer’s innovative use cases.

Last Tuesday our CEO and founder Derek was on the ‘Unfungible’ podcast hosted by the Good Hooman Project! We will be posting a link to where you can listen as soon as its released, so keep your eyes glued to our Twitter feed. We additionally held a tandem AMA with Capella Finance on Thursday where backgrounds, mission initiatives, and perspectives from each company were shared and discussed. For those who tuned in and participated to either, thanks for showing up. To those who came out to both…much love and we are cognizant of your participation!

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to sign up for the testnet before it’s launch date is announced and don’t miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up on 11/23!

Community Growth:

  • Discord: 1.25k OG members, 3.72k Regular members.
  • Guild: 1.4k OG members, 750 regular members.
  • Twitter: 19.8k followers.

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