What’s going on? We hope you had a good week Steer community, we certainly did…and kept busy! Here’s what went on in Steer’s sphere:


Big News: our development team is nearing completion of the testnet v1 and is diligently putting the finishing touches on our prototype. They are very excited to share what they have created, you can anticipate its debut to happen in the coming weeks. Sign-up is still available through our website via this link: https://steer.finance/home/alpha-program-testnet-access/

Here are the development achievements for the week:

  • Integration of the ERC 4626 standard was developed and implemented in yield bearing vaults to optimize token standards.
  • A ‘soft deployment’ was run on Mumbai with associated tasks run and vaults created.
  • Goerli deployment problems were addressed and the subgraph on the Goerli testnet was updated.
  • Liquidity position graph was completed.
  • Content Creation & Market Strategy Development.
  • Code review in preparation for testnet v1 launch.


We’re hosting our first Meet-Up of November coming weeks with a date to be announced in the ‘OG Meet-Up’ channel on Steer’s Discord server. Come get to know members of our ever-growing team and pick their brains about the DeFi space at large or any curiosities you have about the development of Steer Protocol. “OG Meet-Ups” occur two weeks apart on Wednesdays at the same time and you’re encouraged to submit inquiries or burning questions in advance on our ‘OG Lounge’ Discord channel. Things are heating up with Steer! Now is the time to join our community and get engaged with our testnet upon launch so you’ll be able to take full advantage of the mainnet when it goes live.

We’ve added another team member to our marketing team! We are very proud to attract and grow with some of the most talented minds in Web3, we can’t wait to build the future of DeFi with you.

It’s hard to believe, but true: for the second week in a row we have gained well over 1k Twitter followers and Discord members! The influx of interest being generated about Steer is so motivating for us, we want you to help us keep the momentum up by getting more involved in the “Steer Community’ server on Discord and our Twitter, @SteerProtocol. Recently, we added a ‘captcha’ bot under a new channel named “#verification” because of an uptick in unwanted bot traffic on the servers. Members will now be required to complete the ‘captcha’ verification before gaining access to the Steer Community . Thanks for checking in and be sure not to miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up tomorrow, 11/3!

Community Growth

  • Discord: 1.12k OG members, 3.67 Regular members.
  • Guild: 1.2k OG members, 696 regular members.
  • Twitter: 6.1k followers.

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