Another productive week over here at Steer. Our team made some awesome progress we’d love to share with you.


We’re pleased to announce our talented developers spent time last week conducting a thorough governance review with great results. Additionally, we will be agreeing on the anchor point of our imminent external audit in the coming weeks. Both evaluations indicate exciting progress as we continue our preparations for our V1 testnet launch!

Another contract development achievement this week was improved Protocol Incentivized Staking, to provide the ability for protocols to incentivize liquidity and gain the full benefits of market making and creating deeper liquidity. Development of Market Neutral Strategies for safe APYs were built out in addition to our visualization of liquidity on Uni V3 strategies within our webapp.

In Node updates, progress was made by improving interoperability amongst the Steer Network nodes. Support for dynamic jobs has also successfully completed testing. We are pleased with our progress. Integration testing will continue for the next few weeks.

Lastly, we are happy to announce the addition of a new development teammate! Steer Protocol proudly continues to grow talented individuals as we pick up steam approaching launch.


Our OG Lounge Meet-Up on our Discord server went very well on Friday, we were happy with the engagement and to see some new and familiar faces. If you weren’t there you missed a good time, but no need to fret! We’ll be making an announcement soon about another meet-up in the next week.

  • Growth
    • Max mint limit hit again, currently 3.5k OG Token Holders. 325 community members on Guild
    • 1,761 Followers on on Twitter

We’re eager to continue providing updates as we sail toward the impending launch of Testnet Vol. 1! Thanks for checking in, come back next week to see our next round of progress!

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