Hey Steer fam! Here’s a recap of what our team was up to last week:


In big news, we began an external audit of the Steer Protocol on Monday! This led our team to solidify the platform and double check for any bugs or insolvencies within the protocol. We should have preliminary results in approximately a month and are proud of the advancements our team has made. Additionally, the development team has been hard at work striving closer and closer to our testnet v1 which, we are excited to announce will be released in the not so distant future.

As always, our developers have been rather busy:

  • A ‘Checker’ for WASM bundles was built out to ensure our interface is well supported.
  • Fixes were also made to our ‘custom router,’ and research into possible protocols to integrate with was embarked upon.
  • In order for us to see historical trends of liquidity pools, along with with position strategy placed trends, liquidity charts were developed individually per strategy.
  • Time was allocated for testing strategy execution along with fixing related issues and deployment of the final modules of SDK to servers was implemented.
  • Completed hanging decoding of bytes in dynamic jobs to decoding orchestrators. Changes to the tests were made accordingly.
  • An investigation concerning staking dependencies on The Graph was made.
  • A TVL tracker was added to other ‘Getters’ in staking and the necessary test-cases were added.
  • A deployment on Mumbai was orchestrated, according tasks and scripts were also run.


We have another OG Lounge Meet-Up this coming soon in our OG Discord channel! We hope to see past guests continue to check in with any questions about Steer or speak about any trending topics in the the Defi universe at large. As a reminder, our “OG Meet-Ups” will occur every two weeks on Wednesdays and you are encouraged to submit any premeditated questions in advance on our Discord ‘OG Lounge’ channel. Don’t sleep on an opportunity to stay abreast of our happenings and a chance to meet or catch up with the team! Get in gear to #Steer your Defi assets to a successful future.

Justin Bram, one of our new advisory board members, joined us as a guest in a Twitter AMA hosted by Steer to introduce himself, speak on his background in the space and answer questions from our community and team members. Justin touched many topics such as his history in Film and Television before receiving an MBA from USC while living in L.A., transitioning into the block-chain/crypto/Web3 space during the pandemic, founding Astaria, and how exciting the possibilities of tying real-world assets to the block chain are. We are certainly lucky to have such an esteemed player in Web3 on our team.

Our community continues to expand and we are so thankful for the involvement: his week we gained nearly 1k Twitter followers and Discord members! We appreciate the investment of every member of the Steer community though all levels of engagement and encourage you to get more involved by joining the “Steer Community’ server on Discord and out Twitter, @SteerProtocol. Be sure not to miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up tomorrow, 10/26!

  • Community Growth
    • 315 OG members, 203 regular members on Guild 1,791 Twitter followers

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