Hello Steer community! Here’s a little update of what our team was able to accomplish for the third week of October.


Steer is built for applications across all chains and we are glad to reveal a successful deployment of both infra and contracts on Mumbai, Polygon’s testnet. This officially brings Steer Network into the multi-chain future. We also spent time updating our code and facilitating the development of various app bundles in an awesome procession as we work closer to our external audit leading to the launch of out V1 Testnet. Service was given to code cleanliness and documentation, and time was given to creating a solution for issues with bundle randomization. The implemented solutions were tested successfully this week.

Good news for those interested in mining as gas efficiency was improved across contracts! Additionally, updates were made to our contract structure in order to enhance functionality. Strategy execution was optimized and, as always, some minor bugs were addressed and fixed to streamline the platform for development.

Staking integration was improved and integration with the fronted was started. Additional test-cases were done for the staking contracts. Additional changes were implemented to differentiate tasks given to vault registry and beacon managers. Lastly, we separated the logic for static jobs with successful test results as well.

We are happy to announce two new talented individuals have joined the Steer squad in an advisory capacity! We are massively excited to have Justin Bram and Joseph Delong on our advisory board!


We had another great OG Lounge Meet-Up this past Wednesday 10/12, we had some familiar faces join to talk not only about Steer’s development but general DeFi news and events as well. Our Meet-Ups will occur bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12-1 PM EST going forward, with the next instance happening next week on 10/26. Why miss a chance to get involved with the community one of the most compelling DeFi start-ups around? Get Integrated and jump in the driver’s seat so you can #Steer toward your DeFI future.

We appreciate the investment of every member of the Steer community though all levels of engagement and encourage you to get more involved by joining the “Steer Community’ server on Discord and out Twitter, @SteerProtocol. Be sure not to miss out on our next Discord Meet-Up on 10/27!

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