Steer Protocol continues to steer through the seas of innovation and community engagement with significant progress and new developments.

Here’s the latest on our journey:

🚀 What’s New

🎁New Product Launch:  Steer, in collaboration with Sushi and Bond Protocol have launched a bond product and onboarded our first users, Neptune Mutual and Savvy DeFi.

🌐 New AMMs: We continue to cement Steers role as an industry leading provider in liquidity infrastructure through integrations with Thruster and Sushiswap on Blast, Quickswap and Arthswap on Astra zkEVM, FusionX on Mantle, Lynex on Linea, and Hercules on Metis

🔗 New Chain Deployments: Expanded our network through deployments on Blast, Astar zkEVM, Fantom, and X1 testnet, opening new avenues for growth and to support the broadest array of ecosystems.

💧New Pools Launched: From $VERSE pools spun up by the team and memeing it up with $GONE, to over a dozen new Smart Pools created on Arthswap, Camelot, and Kinetix, we have continued deepening liquidity across the multi-chain DeFi ecosystem.

🚀 Exciting news! 🚀

Bonds on @SushiSwap, powered by the innovative @steerprotocol smart pools.

🌐 Users can purchase tokens at a discount while empowering projects to:
1️⃣ Boost Protocol-Owned Liquidity
2️⃣ Diversify their Treasury & Acquire Strategic Assets
3️⃣ Fund Other…

— Steer Protocol (@steerprotocol) February 28, 2024


🌿 Ecosystem Developments

🔥Flare Network Grant: We’re honored to announce that Steer Protocol has been awarded a grant by the Flare Foundation, supporting our mission to bridge and enhance the DeFi landscape.

🔐Audits and Security: Committed to platform safety, we’re undergoing an audit for a new app engine, ensuring the highest security standards.

🥩$ZTX Staking: Launched a new staking pool, bringing in over $6M in staked $ZTX on Arbitrum.

📝Grant Applications: Steer has applied for multiple grants, including LTIP on Arbitrum for Steer and as a contributor to Sushi’s LTIP proposal.

📈TVL Expansion: We’ve seen continued TVL growth, with 100% on Polygon and 63% on Base over the last 2 weeks, reaching a new milestone of $2 million TVL on Polygon.

💼 Platform Update

💰Fee & Revenue Growth: Steer has seen an astonishing 84% increase in cumulative fees generated from Smart Pools over the last month, with over $527k generated in the last 30 days.

🚀🔗 Polygon's ecosystem is booming! Presenting the Top 10 projects with the highest Total Value Locked (TVL) growth in the last 7 days:

1⃣ 🏆 @steerprotocol

2⃣ 🏆 @torosfinance

3⃣ 🏆 @dHedgeOrg

4⃣ 🏆 @ichifoundation

5⃣ 🏆 @GammaStrategies

6⃣ 🏆 @UNCX_token

7⃣ 🏆

— Tyrano Analytics (@TyranoAnalytics) February 22, 2024

🌟 Community

🤝ETHDenver: Steer team members made their presence felt at ETHDenver, engaging with our users and partners, and showcasing Steer in panel discussions.

❤️Gratitude and Expansion: We extend our heartfelt thanks to our supportive community and welcome new members as we continue to grow.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thank you for being part of our voyage towards a more decentralized future.


🫡 The Steer Team

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