Job Description

Company Description
Steer Finance is a platform for cross-chain automated strategies with secure on-chain execution without excessive fees. Create, run, and join automated strategies for liquidity provision, trading, and more on any blockchain. Steer provides a venue to list and join any strategy that has been published to the network. Using a network of miners, strategy updates are automated off-chain through coordination and applied via multi-sig to ensure security and robustness. Strategies can be built with various programming languages and run in virtually any environment. With incentives for both miners and strategists, Steer Finance is aiming to be the go-to provider for on-chain strategies.

The Team
We are building a highly technical team of cryptocurrency and DeFi fanatics who value decentralization and open-source code. With our dev-first ethos, we encourage team members to take ownership over their roles and work autonomously, managing their own time and tasks.

– Drive high-level decisions about the Steer smart contract architecture
– Design, implement, test, review and audit smart contract upgrades and additions
– Participate in researching, maintaining and proposing new SIPS (Steer Improvement Proposals & Specifications).
– Help to scale out and improve the quality of Steer’s existing technology.
– Adopt code quality processes to ensure the readability and maintainability of repos.
– Contribute to the development of automated testing code bases.
– Stay in touch with the latest developments in the blockchain community and work on integrating the Steer into 3rd party platforms.

– 1-2 years of professional experience as a solidity engineer
– Experience running solidity within production environments
– Strong kKnowledge in Javascript/Typescript
– Experience using/building with IPFS
– Ability to work with complex key-management systems
– High level of autonomy with good self-management skills
– Ability to collaborate remotely with developers in multiple time zones
– Strong written and verbal communication skills

Preferred but not required
– Experience with other keeper/automated liquidity management systems and related distributed systems development.
– Are familiar with crypto-economic modeling, ‘tokenomics’, including governance, and incentive structures.
– Understanding of IL when providing liquidity to AMMs
– Familiar with strategy management within DeFi
– Experience with cryptography – theory, libraries, and SDKs.

Tech Stack
– Steer Node: Typescript, IPFS, Ethers, WASAM, and Docker
– Testing: Typescript, WebDriver, Jest
– Frontend: Typescript, React, Ethers, Service Workers, WASM
– DevOps: IPFS, Docker, MythX, and GitHub
– Comms: Discord, Slack


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