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Company Description
Steer Finance is a platform for cross-chain automated strategies with secure on-chain execution without excessive fees. Create, run, and join automated strategies for liquidity provision, trading, and more on any blockchain. Steer provides a venue to list and join any strategy that has been published to the network. Using a network of miners, strategy updates are automated off-chain through coordination and applied via multi-sig to ensure security and robustness. Strategies can be built with various programming languages and run in virtually any environment. With incentives for both miners and strategists, Steer Finance is aiming to be the go-to provider for on-chain strategies.

The Team
We are building a highly technical team of cryptocurrency and DeFi fanatics who value decentralization and open-source code. With our dev-first ethos, we encourage team members to take ownership over their roles and work autonomously, managing their own time and tasks.


– Develop, implement and execute strategic marketing plans for an entire organization in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.
– Plan and execute the go-to-market strategy for new products, features, enhancements, and token listings by forming the positioning, messaging, and value proposition.
– Make data-driven decisions when framing hypotheses, determining product-market fit, evaluating campaign performance, and setting goals.
– Use sound product sense in marketing every day: identify the problem we are solving for, our hypothesis, what goals we will set and how we measure them, what channels are best to use, what we should do now, and how we can scale and automate.
– Take a diplomatic leadership approach to involve stakeholders early and get cross-functional work done; be a proactive leader and decision-maker.
– Be an owner: step up and take the lead on challenging ambiguous work.
– Manage and update the website/blogs etc
– Should be comfortable with minimal process and willing to roll up your sleeves when necessary.


– 3+ years of previous experience in product marketing, martech product management, lifecycle, or channel marketing.
– Concise speaker, storyteller, and writer: you can slice, dice, and distill a narrative from a complex data set into an digestable summary.
– Experience with email, web, mobile/push, and content marketing with a history of focus on the right message for the right customer on the right channel (at the right time!).
– Ally to product managers and other marketers, often volunteering to test alphas/betas, lead inbound customer research, and seek diverse perspectives.

– Remote




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