Supporting 17 AMMs Across 19 Chains

With 900+ Strategies on 500+ Unique Tokens

We specialize in providing sophisticated and quick, automated liquidity management solutions for actively managing concentrated liquidity across various liquidity platforms.

Multi-position. Efficient capital concentration.

Unlike rival protocols that limit users to just 2-3 positions, Steer Protocol masterfully manages an extensive array of positions simultaneously. This empowers users to craft sophisticated strategies for boosted returns.

An efficiency-first approach to liquidity management

Better Capital efficiency

With multiple positions, users are always in the range of current price, providing optimal liquidity with the capital deployed, potentially improving their returns over time.

Deepening liquidity

With multi positions, covering higher price range can happen while covering larger price width, giving an ideal range across the whole liquidity curve. Any desired shape of liquidity distribution is possible with Steer.

Reduce slippage

By spreading liquidity along the curve, traders always strike within the price range, potentially minimizing the impact of slippage when swapping assets, helping to reduce the cost of typical trading.

Steer’s Off-chain App Engines. Makes all the difference.

Steer Protocol boasts robust off-chain computing capabilities that enable strategies to efficiently handle complex computations off the blockchain, while executing the resulting logic on-chain.

Reduce gas prices with off-chain pooling. Dramatically.

Steer Protocol’s powerful off-chain computing capabilities allow for any logic that would be expensive on-chain to be brought off-chain and include any data. All the strategies are computed in the Steer Network leading to automatic rebalancing and price range management, reducing the need for expensive on-chain transactions and helping to significantly reduce gas prices.

Bootstrap your liquidity

Protocols can bootstrap liquidity and empower their community with the incentivised vaults, offering higher rewards and automated management to LPs.

-> Cutting-edge Increased APY

-> Incentivized Liquidity

-> Increase liquidity without hassle

-> Choose any strategy or build your own

-> Attract more LPs, and generate higher returns.

-> Optimize to changing markets

Actively manage your protocol’s liquidity, generate higher returns for LPs while minimising the risk of losses. Create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

Automated Protocol liquidity

Unleash the power of data with the most advanced backtesting toolkit!

Build and trade with confidence, knowing that you can test and refine your strategy for maximum success!

  • Forks the real live network from the past date, giving you exact results instead of broken estimations.

  • We also enable you to backtest directly from the browser, without any infras or specialized knowledge.

  • Each backtest gives valuable information, allowing you to refine the strategies for maximum success

Built for builders.
Seamless, Scalable and Simplified = Steer

Steer is built for builders. With powerful off-chain engines to build safe and scalable decentralized apps, infra limitations are a thing of the past! Steer allows you to focus solely on building your own strategies in any language, while Steer takes care of the security, scalability, and execution. With Steer, you can build with confidence, knowing that your app is in good hands!

Monetize every effort


Strategist Developer’s Fee
Publish your web3 app on Steer Dapp store and get rewarded each time your app is used.

Node Fee

Protocol Fee

Programming Languages








and more

Have an idea?
With Steer Protocol, the possibilities are endless.
Have some ideas on what to build? Talk to us 

You build it. You own it.

| Open for all

Steer Protocol’s open platform is truly open for all, enabling you to build, deploy and monetise DApps in a permission-less and exciting way. This wonderful openness truly puts the power of innovation in your hands.

| Build in 20+ Languages

Say goodbye to language limitations with Steer Protocol! We enable you to build DApps in 20+ languages, giving you the freedom to create in the language that suits you best. There are no boundaries to your innovation – let your imagination run wild!

| No-code app building

You don’t need to be a coding wizard to build amazing DApps! Simply pick and deploy off-the-shelf apps without writing a single line of code. Steer empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life, hassle-free!

| Perpetual Royalty

You can build with confidence, knowing that your creativity will always be rewarded! For any app you deploy, you will always attract a 5% performance fee when cloned or used by someone else. This means that your app will continue to reach new heights of success.

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