Steer Protocol is now LIVE on the Polygon network!

Introducing Steer Protocol, a cutting-edge off-chain computation protocol and data marketplace designed to empower developers in crafting next-generation web3 applications with ease, harnessing real-world data in the process. We’ve streamlined web3 app creation, making it as effortless as possible for creators through no-code solutions.

By leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of the Polygon network, Steer Protocol delivers swift, seamless, and cost-effective transactions, paving the way for ground-breaking DeFi and Web3 automation solutions. Moreover, we provide users with a one-stop shop for discovering apps tailored to their specific needs.

But that’s not all! Alongside the core Steer Protocol, we are equally ecstatic to present our state-of-the-art concentrated liquidity management platform, ingeniously built on top of the Steer Protocol. This trailblazing platform features a multi-position liquidity management system that facilitates efficient capital allocation, driving enhanced returns while simultaneously reducing gas consumption and mitigating slippage. As an open platform compatible with over 10+ programming languages, developers can now effortlessly create trustless market-making strategies using secure data sources with the languages and tools they are most familiar with.

We are proud to empower users to clone and remix apps, fostering innovation while ensuring that the original creators continue to benefit from a 5% performance fee. This paves the way for a boundless ecosystem where DeFi and Web3 enthusiasts can capitalize on their innovative apps and strategies, driving collective growth and prosperity.

Reinventing Liquidity Management

Experience a revolutionary shift in liquidity management with Steer Protocol’s groundbreaking platform, designed to drive unprecedented capital efficiency, deep liquidity, and profitability for both liquidity providers and traders.

A hallmark of Steer Protocol is its unparalleled multi-position functionality. Unlike rival protocols that limit users to just 2-3 positions, Steer Protocol masterfully manages an extensive array of positions simultaneously. This empowers users to craft sophisticated strategies for boosted returns. Steer Protocol champions an open ecosystem, inviting anyone to develop or publish a strategy for any concentrated liquidity pool within the protocol, ensuring users can capitalize on every opportunity the DeFi arena presents.

Multi-position capabilities offer a more flexible deployment of capital across a wide spectrum of price ranges. In simpler terms, this means users can strategically allocate their funds to various positions, adjusting to market fluctuations with ease. Experience the freedom and versatility of Steer Protocol, where innovative approaches to capital management reshape the DeFi landscape.

The benefits of multi-position liquidity extend beyond individual users, positively influencing protocols that may suffer from shallow liquidity. By enticing more liquidity providers to participate, Steer Protocol fosters an environment of improved overall liquidity depth. This transformative liquidity management platform not only amplifies returns for liquidity providers but also elevates the trading experience for all parties involved. Protocols can deploy automated pools today with only a few clicks. Take your liquidity from zero to hero in under 10 minutes. Embrace the future of liquidity management with Steer Protocol, where innovation and efficiency coalesce to redefine on-chain liquidity.

Boosting Web3 Protocols with Incentivized Vaults

Explore the robust and sustainable ecosystem that Steer Protocol provides for Web3 protocols. With incentivized vaults designed to amplify liquidity and foster efficient markets, Steer Protocol is the perfect solution for deepening liquidity or launching new tokens via Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

Steer Protocol’s openness distinguishes it from competitors, as it allows protocols to develop and publish their own strategies. By doing so, they can create a revenue stream through the performance fee associated with all yield-based vaults, fostering innovation while driving value for all participants.

Protocols can opt to incentivize liquidity for pools involving their tokens using the staking module embedded within the protocol. This approach encourages actively managed liquidity for their tokens’ overall liquidity profile, countering the challenges posed by stagnant or inactive liquidity, which can hinder tokens with fewer active LPs or liquidity depth.

By offering access to a vast array of already deployed strategies, Steer Protocol cultivates a thriving ecosystem where any and every protocol can have healthy liquidity, without the burden of navigating complex on-chain or off-chain infrastructures. 

Steer Protocol SDK: A Comprehensive Development Platform for DeFi and Web3 Protocols

The Steer Protocol SDK is a powerful and all-inclusive toolkit designed for developers seeking to elevate their DeFi and Web3 projects. By integrating the Steer Protocol SDK, protocols can add a development platform specifically tailored to their platform, allowing their community to start building innovative products and automation on top of their existing systems!

Comprehensive Backtesting Environment

Steer Protocol’s SDK provides a complete backtesting environment, empowering developers to build, test, and optimize strategies before deployment. Users can simulate strategies using historical data, identify potential risks, and fine-tune algorithms for optimal performance. Backtests can be run both locally and directly in browsers, democratizing development and providing access and opportunities to anyone interested in the field.

Streamlined Development Tools and Resources

The Steer Protocol SDK offers a range of tools and resources to streamline development. These include documentation, example strategies, support libraries, visualization tools, and a community for collaboration among developers. With these resources, developers can create high-quality and efficient strategies, ensuring the success and growth of their DeFi and Web3 projects.

Stay Tuned for Swap Strategies

Keep an eye out for our upcoming swap strategies feature, which will enable developers to build and tailor their own trading strategies for increased liquidity and efficiency. Primarily aimed at traders, this feature offers the potential to boost APY through sophisticated trading strategies rather than simply holding assets.

Enhancing Scalability with Off-Chain Compute & Data Connectors

Steer Protocol sets itself apart by ingeniously employing off-chain compute and data connectors, which serve as the critical link between real-world data and the web3 ecosystem. These connectors enable developers to perform off-chain logic for on-chain protocol or smart contract(s), bringing unparalleled versatility and accessibility to decentralized applications.

Data connectors are pivotal in integrating real-world data sources into web3 applications. Upon development, they become readily available for all developers in the data marketplace, cultivating a cooperative and streamlined environment. Bolstered by interchangeable and adaptable output types, developers can efficiently conserve time and resources when constructing off-chain logic for on-chain execution by choosing the data they need without writing cumbersome integration logic. The marketplace serves as a centralized hub for accessing all connectors, simplifying the utilization of this exceptional platform feature.

By shifting computation off-chain, Steer Protocol dramatically reduces gas costs and exponentially amplifies scalability. This breakthrough approach bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralized applications, making DeFi more accessible than ever before.

Steer Protocol plans to deliver practical applications, such as the DCA (dollar cost averaging) feature. This functionality will enable users to execute recurring token purchases over time, automating the process and seamlessly integrating it within the platform. Steer Protocol’s ultimate vision is to forge a more accessible and pragmatic DeFi ecosystem for users and developers alike, revolutionizing the industry through its ground-breaking technical solutions.

Join the Steer Protocol Movement

Steer Protocol is leading the way in DeFi and Web3, providing unmatched opportunities for developers, liquidity providers, and traders to achieve more. Our advanced concentrated liquidity platform, pioneering off-chain compute, and data connectors are unlocking new possibilities for DeFi and Web3 innovation. With true multi-position capabilities, a data connector marketplace, and incentivized vaults, we are creating a more connected, democratized, and inclusive ecosystem for all. Join us today and experience the limitless potential of DeFi and Web3 with Steer.

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