Steer App Store

Powering next-gen applications

The Steer App Store provides developers a platform to create, publish, and monetize DeFi apps. Whether building onto native apps or creating your own. Steer gives you the power to do anything from automating protocols to building yield generating apps. We put you behind the wheel, how will you Steer it?

Automated Liquidity Management

To showcase the power of Steer Protocol, the Steer team has built out one of the most advanced concentrated liquidity management apps on the market. Take control of your liquidity and increase its capital efficiency through both apps made by the Steer team and community members.

YES! Anyone can create app on the Steer App Store using Steer’s proprietary liquidity management technology. Just follow our docs to create one.

All yield generating apps come with a 15% performance fee.

The Steer Protocol is open for everyone. Follow best practices to minimize risk when joining a app:

  • Use the Steer Protocol advanced backtesting toolkit to analyse risk/reward for all yield generating apps.
  • Join apps that have been running for a prolonged period of time.
  • Check the TLV (Total Value Locked) associated with a yield-generating app.

Note: The official Steer Protocol apps will always be the most secure and trustworthy of all the apps on our Steer App Store.

Utilizing a yieldgenerating App is easy! All Apps can be joined through our Steer DApp Store launches. Find the right app for you and just click on deposit and withdraw.

Start building today!

Don’t see an app that fits your needs? Create one! Steer Protocol allows for apps to be created in any programming language!

Simply follow our docs and use your go-to programming language.

Here are a few examples of what app an can do:

  • Automate liquidity management for optimal capital efficiency when supplying liquidity to pools.
  • Deploy assets for yield farming activities with auto-reinvestment of capital.
  • Mimic the balance of an external account.
  • Automate bridging facilities/interactions between chains.
  • Automate farming across multiple chains.

    These are just a few examples. Please view other use cases below.
Any language that can be compiled into WASM can be used! These include the following:

Python, Typescript (AssemblyScript) Go, RustJava, C and C++,  and many more.

All apps are executed in an isolated, sandboxed environment. Additionally, apps do not have access to the internet. All external data is managed through a sub-process within the steer network node and provided to the app prior to execution.

All yield generating apps have a 15% performance fee, payable to the app creator(5%). This incentivizes app creation and fosters competition within the app store.

Apps that are specifically made to contain your proprietary logic may be run in private mode as well. Contact the team to learn more!

All public apps in the Steer App Store are cloneable and configurable. So if you have no background in code, you can still easily use an app that suits your needs.

Head over to our docs and Read more or connect with us.

Connecting the real world to Web3


On- or off-chain, Steer makes it possible for you to connect your data to the web. Not code savvy? Not a problem! Our protocol provides pre-built connectors to spare you the heavy lifting. And if you require something more specialised, it only takes moments to create.

Multi-Chain Support

Finding the right app for your assets can be hard. Managing them on-chain can be even harder. Automating them cross-chain can be seemingly impossible. Let the Steer Protocol network do all of the heavy lifting.

  • Automate farming across multiple chains
  • Manage liquidity provisioning between rebalances
  • Automate bridging facilities/interactions between chains

Ethereum and Polygon support will be released at launch with Optimism, Arbitrum, and BSC planned shortly after!

Steer Network


Built for data processing the Steer Network is the execution system for Steer Apps. Easily join the network by running a node and start mining the Steer token! (Coming soon)

Endless Possibilities


There are various use-cases for a network that can automate on-chain activity. Below are a few examples of what we are currently working on.

Automated Liquidity Management

Automate your trading, farming, and overall liquidity provisioning across multiple chains or join a strategy on our marketplace.

Social Trading

Create or join a social strategy. Mimic the assets and their weighting of other accounts on the same network for similar yield.

Automated Governance

Most off-chain governance tools are not fully decentralized. Move your governance to the Steer network and fully decentralize your governance security model.


Need to run an oracle for an off-chain data stream? Use our oracle strategy to automate the updates over time.

Synthetic Assets

Automate liquidity at the current rate of your off-chain asset. Tied with liquidity pooling within your community, you can concentrate funds into a specific price range.

Scheduled Execution

Want to execute a transaction or swap within a given timeframe?

Schedule it.

We are always looking for partnerships and integrations with our protocols and other services across the industry. Reach out today to see how we can work together!