The DeFi landscape is witnessing transformative shifts, and at the forefront of this evolution is the collaboration between Steer Protocol and Sushi. Our recent announcement about native integration into Sushi’s UI signals a new era of efficiency, innovation, and seamlessness in the DeFi ecosystem.

A Partnership Rooted in Innovation

Our collaboration has birthed revolutionary strides in liquidity management and web3 automation. The introduction of Sushi’s Concentrated Liquidity Pools, combined with Steer Protocol’s state-of-the-art liquidity engine, offers users an unmatched automated Liquidity Provider (LP) experience.

What sets us apart is the unique multi-position strategies pioneered by Steer Protocol. This innovation is now accessible to Sushi’s vast user base, ensuring that intelligent algorithms drive the future of liquidity.

Empowering the DeFi Community

The synergy between Steer Protocol and Sushi has led to the creation of an unparalleled marketplace for LP strategies. This platform allows every user to devise, initiate, and remix LP strategies, enhancing the user experience within Sushi’s liquidity pools. Moreover, the ability to establish vaults in a decentralized manner aligns perfectly with the community-driven ethos of Sushi.

With robust multi-chain support, we proudly assist Sushi on chains such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB Chain. More integrations are in the pipeline, reinforcing our commitment to diversifying and optimizing the liquidity experience on Sushi.

The Distinction of Steer Protocol

Steer Protocol stands out with its exceptional multi-position functionality. Instead of confining users to a single LP position, we offer the flexibility to manage multiple positions concurrently. This feature paves the way for users to craft intricate strategies and harness optimal returns. Our approach ensures users can strategically distribute their funds, adjusting to market dynamics with unmatched agility.

The Future Beckons: Steer Protocol SDK

In our quest for continuous innovation, we introduce the Steer Protocol SDK. This comprehensive toolkit elevates DeFi and Web3 projects, including Sushi, to new heights. The SDK offers a robust backtesting environment, a suite of development tools, and resources that cater to the needs of the developer community.

Final Thoughts

As Steer Protocol continues to expand multi-chain support and refine its offerings, the vision is evident: effortless LP experiences on Sushi. With the launch of smart pools across an ever-growing number of pools, users can anticipate enhanced APRs and reduced slippage.

Join us in shaping the future of on-chain liquidity with Sushi!

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