Rising potential. With customizable liquidity.

Increase yield on your liquidity

Adopt Optimized Liquidity by Steer Protocol

Protocol Managed Liquidity

Build your own liquidity strategy

More control
in your hands.

Less Slippage

Not sure about your liquidity strategy?

Backtest against live data.

DeFi is about giving control back to people. So are we.

Control your liquidity.

Giving you more control over what you own is what decentralisation is about and so is Steer.

So, if you want the ultimate control, with our enhanced capabilities, we enable you to build your own market making strategies and bring more value to your stakeholders.

Bring more profit to LPs.

Bootstrap your liquidity with Steer.

With our revolutionary mechanism, we extend the capabilities of Uniswap v3 to empower protocols to bootstrap their liquidity in a simplified, automated, efficient and highly scalable manner.

  • Manage liquidity with Steer engine for more yield, less slippage

  • Automated and community enabled market making

  • Incentivize your vaults with Steer Stake pools

Launch strategies with no code

Building apps has never been this easier. At Steer, we empower everyone to build apps without code and enjoy high yields generated with Steer engine.

Creating a no-code yield generating app is simple. Choose your vault type, fill in some parameters and boom, you’re live with your app on Steer.

Need more control? Get hands-on.

The first developer platform for Uniswap

Steer allows you to build your app in any language, giving you freedom to build and execute on any chain using an intuitive setup of Steer.

  • Conditional execution with off-chain data

  • Execute on any blockchain
  • Create permission-less oracles








Programming Languages








and more